WS Tyler ROTAP Sieve Shaker

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8 and 12-inch sieve shaker

The ROTAP sieve shaker. of the WS Tyler brand, makes the difference to make your granulometry processes, this unit will provide you with the most accurate and consistent particle analysis tests.

The sifter can be used with 8" or 12" sieves in stainless steel or brass mesh. It is recommended with meshes of up to 20 microns and 6 high or 13 medium sieves can be placed in it, the product is tested before shipping and each one has a serial number.

Product Features

  • Maintenance required.
  • For rough or heavy use.
  • It has a timer / digital clock of 99 minutes tolerance 0.1 seconds.
  • Weight 85KG.
  • Use for 6 high or 13 medium sieves.
  • Load of material to be screened approx. 3 kg
WS Tyler ROTAP Sieve Shaker
WS Tyler ROTAP Sieve Shaker