Wire mesh for screening

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Screening solutions at your fingertips.
Wide variety of wire mesh and industrial steel fabrics

We have a wide variety of metal fabrics for steel wire mesh for your screens, quote with us the dimensions you need and we will put it in your warehouse. From the mining to the agricultural industry, we provide the best screen mesh solutions you will find on the market.

Key Applications:

- Main use in foundries

- mining

- construction

- automotive mainly for screening sand

- dust, mineral screening

- metal screening

- sifting, abrasive grain screening

- vibrating screens

- mobile screens and hydraulic screens.

  • We manufacture as you require.
  • Wide variety of openings and calibers.
  • Approved and in compliance with the highest standards.
  • Various types of wire mesh fabrics.
  • Various types of materials, steel, wire, stainless steel.
Wire mesh for screening
Wire mesh for screening