Silica Sand

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The widely available and affordable natural abrasive.

Sale of silica sand for sandblasting composed of crystalline or quartz silica 90-100%, used in construction or in filters for water purification, which has the specific function of retaining all the solids in the desired water, and making it drinkable, it can also work by its compound mixture, when making contact with water allows an easy application for any type of finish. Offers drying in 24 hours.

São utilizados para limpeza, acabamento acetinado de grande bilho, rebarbamento de precisão, gravação ou decoração. São praticamente não-abrasivos, o que abre um enorme campo de aplicação. Este abrasivo não tem ferro livre em sua composição e pode ser usado em peças de alumínio e aço inoxidável

Main applications

  • Economic, affordable budget.
  • Improves the grip of different coatings.
  • Stabilizes and protects.
  • Keep the temperature.
  • Retains moisture.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Absorbs impacts.

Common industrial uses for silica sand are due to its important internal properties such as its hardness, chemical resistance, high melting point, piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, and transparency.

Their main use is filtering for purification and purification of water and due to their hardness they are used for the manufacture of bleaches, industrial abrasives and sandblasting.

It is a very important raw material in the composition of the formulas of detergents, paints, concretes and special mortars, and they constitute the basic raw material for obtaining silicon, as well as the basis for the manufacture of silica refractories and model sands. , given its high melting point.

Product technical information

  • Density: 100 lbs/ft³
  • Bed Depth: 18-30"
  • Turbulence Flow Rate: 15-20 GPM/ft²
  • Turbulence bed extension: El 20% de la profundidad de la cama.
  • Maintain flow: 2 GPM/ft² | 3 GPM/ft² | 5 GPM/ft²
Silica Sand