Copper Slag

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Copper Slag, the 100% ecological mineral abrasive.

100% ecological mineral abrasive, black copper with grit format. Cooper slag is safe for your health and the environment could be used in wet and dry sandblasting.

Copper slag is a high-quality, silica-free abrasive, which makes it the safest for users' health. It comes in an angular shape and is the result of a metallurgical process of smelting copper ores.

It is characterized by having a high level of cut due to its density and by being recyclable as it can be used in several cycles depending on the method you use for its recovery and cleaning.

It is ideal for surface preparation, cleaning and removal of coatings such as rust, paint, among others, its main implementation is in structural steel for bridges, ships, water tanks, platforms, oil fields, marine equipment, automotive and machinery. Some often use it in denim cleaning as well.

Key Applications

- Copper Slag can be used in wet or dry sandblasting for ship and offshore platform maintenance.

Product Features:

  • Hardness: 6-8 mohs
  • Shape: Angular
  • Color: Gray-Black Specific
  • gravity: 3.5-3.6 g/cm3 Bulk density (varies according to the grain size): 2,000-2,300 kg/m3
  • Performance: 32 kg/m2
  • Recyclable: Si
  • Dust suppressant: Si
Copper Slag
Copper Slag