High Durability Cut Wire

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Designed to boost the performances of your parts in a cost-efficient and sustainable way.

High durability conditioned Cut Wire ensure the best performance of your shot-peening process.

The high-durability conditioned Cut Wire, manufactured by Toyo Seiko in Japan (the world leading company for shot-peening media), is a specially heat-treated Cut-Wire that will make you save money thanks to its extended life-time, while ensuring the best performance of your shot-peening process.

Key Applications

- Springs and suspension components

- Gears and engine components

- Chassis and airframe parts

- Valves and fittings

- Aerospace parts

  • Extended lifetime, typically +30% versus regular conditioned cut-wire, thanks to an exclusive production process.
  • Stringent quality controls on each batch certificates available upon dispatch.
  • On-site technical assistance by WALUE experts to assess and optimize your process.

Abrasive Conditioning:

  • Double Conditioning

Abrasive Specifications:

  • SAE J448
High Durability Cut Wire
High Durability Cut Wire